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Script (?) Font of the Day

Today, I wasn’t feeling loopy and swooshy.  So, I took “script font” in a different direction. But, maybe I’m off in my belief that “handwritten” font most belongs with script.

Well, not very…fancy.  But I really like it.  Maybe because it looks so natural and similar to my god-awful handwriting.   However, now forms the true question…does it count as a script font?

In my opinion, yes.  Script fonts were created to mock the fanciful handwritten cursive of times past.  While most of us can’t write like that anymore (heck, kids aren’t even taught cursive anymore) it was still made to recreate the flourishes of cursive writing.

Therefore, while this font is certainly not fanciful, it does mock the style of how we more commonly write today.  So, with that in mind, wouldn’t that make it more similar to a script font than to any other common type of font out there right now?

That’s my opinion, what’s yours?


Serif Wednesday?

Why the question mark?

Well, I guess the simplest answer is, the more I look for serif fonts the more I realize there are way more san serif and display fonts.  I wonder why that is?

If I were to guess, I would say that probably has to do with two things:
1.) We are in the modern era and serif fonts are no longer “modern,” therefore we lean toward san serif fonts because they look more modern to us.
2.) People have an innate desire for “something different” rather than something just like everything else.

But is that really why we have stopped designing as many serif fonts?  Is it instead that many of them have already been created and recreated so many times that we simply long to see something new?  Or maybe it’s something else completely?

Either way, today’s font is as follows:
Not quite a slab serif but they are a bit thicker.  I enjoy this font as it has a very clean, classy look to it.  Maybe it’s also because I’m a little bit old-fashioned.  Modern day old-fashioned.  Like Steampunk.  Eh, I’m rambling now.

Happy Hump Day!


Typography Tuesday

And Wednesday and Thursday and Friday…yeah, I know.  But hey, alliteration is always awesome.

Anyway, today’s font is a script font, per the normal Tuesday thing.  But today, I actually kind of like the font, more than the typical script font. I’m not entirely sure why either.  It’s a little rugged but still elegant and maybe that’s what it is that I like so much.


See what I mean, if you look closely, the lines aren’t actually perfectly straight.  But, at a glance, it’s a very clean, easy to read font.  Perhaps it resembles me so much and that’s why I like it.  Like, From a distance I probably seem like I have my stuff together but get to know me and you’ll know I’m a bit rough around the edges.  Just like LaurenScript.

What do you think of today’s font?


San Serif Monday

So.  Why San Serif Monday?

Well, honestly, I think it’s because Monday’s already a tiring day.  So to have something fancy or even something that’s just serifs is too much.  Let’s be real, it’s best to just keep it simple on the day your brain barely even want to work right?  Therefore, using the simplest font just makes the most sense.

So today, since we all had to deal with daylight savings time and I *know* we all got thrown off with that, I’m going with a clean, tried and true font that is super easy to read and pretty well known.
gill sans
Gill Sans has some of the most even lines and solid shapes of a common font that I know.  With such little variation and the wonderful stroke width, you could *almost* read a report in that without getting a headache today.

Sorry this was so long, I know no one wants to read this much.  Especially not on Monday morning.


Bold Font Day

Man.  It’s Friday already?  When did that happen?  I swear this weeks was like a tornado in slow motion.  At least, sort of slow motion.  But that’s what they say happens.  The older you get the faster time goes by.

And I keep realizing that I’m older than I give myself credit for (despite looking like I’m 18, I guess.)  Many of the things I remember adoring from my childhood are turning 20, 25 and 30.  My god.  Can that be true?  But I’ve been recently carded for rated R movies! (No, really, I did.)  Hey, at least I remember all those awesome things, right?

Well, now that I’m past that, today’s font is a big, bold font.  I saw it and, though I can’t quite pin why, it makes me think of Borderlands.  Maybe it’s the crazy font that I expect to see in one of those awesomely, bizarrely animated menus or stores.  Either way, I like it more than I should simply for that reason.

dry goods

No lower case here.  But a solid, bold serif font.  Do you get the Borderlands feel or is it really just me?


Turning Japanese?

Well, I am going to post my designer of the week today.

You also get to learn a bit about me today.  I am a sucker for Japanese Graphic design (gurafiku) more than any other type.  I’m super into superflat art and love their use of colors.  So today, I decided that I would spotlight a Japanese Designer – as I’m sure that doesn’t happen much in the states.

Today’s designer is Furuya Takahiro.

More than anything, Takahiro is known for his poster design as they are bright, bold and pretty amazing.

Taka example

This is one of his most recent pieces.  It’s called “Sen no Rikyu: Ichi-go Ichi-e” or “Once in a Lifetime.”

See some of his work here.


Display Today, Be Bold Tomorrow!

Only two more days then it’s the weekend, you excited or what?

Well, the last two days of the week tend to be my favorite for typography.  Why?  Because we’ve all seen plenty of serif and san serif fonts.  And I’m…really particular on my script fonts. (Aka, I only really use them if a client asks me to.  Just not a big fan)  But display fonts are just fun.  Sure, you have to be careful with them and figure out what the best option is and how to use it, but when used appropriately, display fonts are loads of fun.

I picked the one today because it sort of reminds me of the American Horror Story font.  Sure, I could have just used that font, but I didn’t want to!  So today I bring you


No lower case in this font family so you really have to consider when it would be appropriate.  Stylized blogs, band names, show openings among many, many other things are creative outlets for awesome display fonts.

Powerpoint for your office?  Probably not.

Well, have a wonderful day!


Might Need the Luck of the Irish

Man.  Talk about a rocky start.  For vehicle wraps, we measure….remeasure and measure once more just to be positive.  Add a few extra inches to give wiggle room then get it ok’ed with the client.

What’s the one thing we don’t expect?

The art our client gave us to be a 72 dpi image that has to be the size of a van.  Man.  Talk about disappointment when you start to print.  Pixel city.

Thankfully, it’s not our fault, but now we are trying to help figure out what we can do for them.

Therefore, since I’m really needing some luck, for the font of the day I decided to use a serif font that has the Irish feel to it.

Say hello to



Feeling Fancy?

Today is script day.  Nothing new right?  Well, I tried to pick a more typical font.  As far as I know, this one is on most computers from the get go so it’s easy to access.

But what makes a script font…scripty?

Script fonts are based on the (once) beautiful, fluid strokes of handwriting.  Before the modern era, only those of class knew how to write.  Thus being able to write was a huge privilege which made those able to do so take careful time to write their words in beautiful cursive writing.

Most “formal” scripts (ie, not casual handwriting script and such) are based on 17th and 18th century cursive masters such as George x3.  George Bickham, Shelley and Snell.  Because the “formal” writings were made with a quill or calligraphic pen, there were natural thick and thin lines.  Thus, when these fonts were created, the artists attempted to mock that style.

Formal script is typically used to give things an elegant feel.  So things like, invitations, diplomas, elegant documents or even holiday cards are perfect for formal script typefaces.

Well, without further adieu, here is your font of the day!

french script


San Serif Monday with Gusto!

Today is turning out to be pretty awesome already.  How about for you?

I know, it’s Monday.  What’s with all the enthusiasm?

Well, when not on work time, I work on a comic.  My dream is for it to be an anime.  And I just found a cool, open-source animation program.  Like…I can make it an anime!  And!  Microsoft is working on a pretty cool program that basically helps to “auto-complete” drawings for animation.  Like….what?!

Technology is so freaking cool.

Anyway, today is San Serif Monday and I decided to go with a font with a name that I hope symbolizes the day:


I can’t wait to get home and try this program out.  Anything you’re excitedly waiting for?!