Man.  It’s Friday already?  When did that happen?  I swear this weeks was like a tornado in slow motion.  At least, sort of slow motion.  But that’s what they say happens.  The older you get the faster time goes by.

And I keep realizing that I’m older than I give myself credit for (despite looking like I’m 18, I guess.)  Many of the things I remember adoring from my childhood are turning 20, 25 and 30.  My god.  Can that be true?  But I’ve been recently carded for rated R movies! (No, really, I did.)  Hey, at least I remember all those awesome things, right?

Well, now that I’m past that, today’s font is a big, bold font.  I saw it and, though I can’t quite pin why, it makes me think of Borderlands.  Maybe it’s the crazy font that I expect to see in one of those awesomely, bizarrely animated menus or stores.  Either way, I like it more than I should simply for that reason.

dry goods

No lower case here.  But a solid, bold serif font.  Do you get the Borderlands feel or is it really just me?