Only two more days then it’s the weekend, you excited or what?

Well, the last two days of the week tend to be my favorite for typography.  Why?  Because we’ve all seen plenty of serif and san serif fonts.  And I’m…really particular on my script fonts. (Aka, I only really use them if a client asks me to.  Just not a big fan)  But display fonts are just fun.  Sure, you have to be careful with them and figure out what the best option is and how to use it, but when used appropriately, display fonts are loads of fun.

I picked the one today because it sort of reminds me of the American Horror Story font.  Sure, I could have just used that font, but I didn’t want to!  So today I bring you


No lower case in this font family so you really have to consider when it would be appropriate.  Stylized blogs, band names, show openings among many, many other things are creative outlets for awesome display fonts.

Powerpoint for your office?  Probably not.

Well, have a wonderful day!