Today is script day.  Nothing new right?  Well, I tried to pick a more typical font.  As far as I know, this one is on most computers from the get go so it’s easy to access.

But what makes a script font…scripty?

Script fonts are based on the (once) beautiful, fluid strokes of handwriting.  Before the modern era, only those of class knew how to write.  Thus being able to write was a huge privilege which made those able to do so take careful time to write their words in beautiful cursive writing.

Most “formal” scripts (ie, not casual handwriting script and such) are based on 17th and 18th century cursive masters such as George x3.  George Bickham, Shelley and Snell.  Because the “formal” writings were made with a quill or calligraphic pen, there were natural thick and thin lines.  Thus, when these fonts were created, the artists attempted to mock that style.

Formal script is typically used to give things an elegant feel.  So things like, invitations, diplomas, elegant documents or even holiday cards are perfect for formal script typefaces.

Well, without further adieu, here is your font of the day!

french script