So.  Why San Serif Monday?

Well, honestly, I think it’s because Monday’s already a tiring day.  So to have something fancy or even something that’s just serifs is too much.  Let’s be real, it’s best to just keep it simple on the day your brain barely even want to work right?  Therefore, using the simplest font just makes the most sense.

So today, since we all had to deal with daylight savings time and I *know* we all got thrown off with that, I’m going with a clean, tried and true font that is super easy to read and pretty well known.
gill sans
Gill Sans has some of the most even lines and solid shapes of a common font that I know.  With such little variation and the wonderful stroke width, you could *almost* read a report in that without getting a headache today.

Sorry this was so long, I know no one wants to read this much.  Especially not on Monday morning.