Today, I wasn’t feeling loopy and swooshy.  So, I took “script font” in a different direction. But, maybe I’m off in my belief that “handwritten” font most belongs with script.

Well, not very…fancy.  But I really like it.  Maybe because it looks so natural and similar to my god-awful handwriting.   However, now forms the true question…does it count as a script font?

In my opinion, yes.  Script fonts were created to mock the fanciful handwritten cursive of times past.  While most of us can’t write like that anymore (heck, kids aren’t even taught cursive anymore) it was still made to recreate the flourishes of cursive writing.

Therefore, while this font is certainly not fanciful, it does mock the style of how we more commonly write today.  So, with that in mind, wouldn’t that make it more similar to a script font than to any other common type of font out there right now?

That’s my opinion, what’s yours?