Why the question mark?

Well, I guess the simplest answer is, the more I look for serif fonts the more I realize there are way more san serif and display fonts.  I wonder why that is?

If I were to guess, I would say that probably has to do with two things:
1.) We are in the modern era and serif fonts are no longer “modern,” therefore we lean toward san serif fonts because they look more modern to us.
2.) People have an innate desire for “something different” rather than something just like everything else.

But is that really why we have stopped designing as many serif fonts?  Is it instead that many of them have already been created and recreated so many times that we simply long to see something new?  Or maybe it’s something else completely?

Either way, today’s font is as follows:
Not quite a slab serif but they are a bit thicker.  I enjoy this font as it has a very clean, classy look to it.  Maybe it’s also because I’m a little bit old-fashioned.  Modern day old-fashioned.  Like Steampunk.  Eh, I’m rambling now.

Happy Hump Day!